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The Ergonomics Chair Design Principle:

The Ergonomics is the field of science which is used to design the chairs, which gives maximum comfort to the user so that they can do their work more effectively.

The BIFMA is the very good source for furniture manufactures, we can find good source of information for Ergonomics.

The office environment require more sitting time, it will create lot of health issue to the employees.

The Ergonomics design took the consideration of natural behavior of the human body to reduce fatigues and discomfort.

It mostly concentrate on reduce stress over spine, neck, knee and hand; minimum requirement will be reducing stress over spine.

The variables that deciding as follows:

A. Over all Sitting Height from seat.
B. Knee Height from Ground.
C. Seat Depth.
D. Eye Height from Ground.
E. Lumbar Support position



Lumbar Curvature:



The lumbar curvature in spinal cord is important variable in designing Ergonomics chair; the ultimate goal is giving support to lumbar curvature to reduce stress level. We cannot assure any chair that is suitable for all persons; it mostly depends on Height and weight of the person and their comfort zone.