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Office Furniture

Furnishing an office is no easy job. There are so many points that you need to consider. When you buy modern office furniture for your work area, you should choose chairs that are not only comfortable, but also stylish. Above all, you should keep the budget in mind when you buy office furniture online. While choosing furniture for your office room, you should also keep in mind the purpose.

Chennai Chairs is a reputed online furniture store that stocks on various styles and models of office furniture. Crafted out of high-quality raw materials, the modern office furniture are not just attractive, but strong and durable too. So, when you buy office furniture online at our e-store, you can be assured of getting full value for your money.

At Chennai Chairs, we make office furniture online shopping simple and easy. Bright and vivid images give you a clear idea of the design and style of the furniture. Plus, you can easily navigate between categories to choose from the best selection of office furniture in Chennai. There are different models and sizes of chairs available at our e-store. Whether you want a high-back chair or a low-back chair, we have several models you can choose from. Our selection of office furniture also includes computer chairs, mesh office chairs, executive chairs, visitor’s chairs, laboratory stools, and bar stools. You can also buy reception sofas at incredible prices from our online retail outlet. Chennai Chairs also offers office tables, computer tables, conference room tables, and other office furniture online.

Online shopping for office furniture is simple, quick, and efficient. Save time and money shopping for office furniture online at Chennai Chairs.

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Available in custom colour seat
Rs. 4499 Rs. 4900
Our Icon Modular Workstation is designed in a simple yet functional way to meet all your office needs. This best-selling workstation has always satisfied our hundreds of past customers. This should be your go-to option to set up your work-station if you're looking to Increase Productivity Of the Team, a more organized team, hassle- free work experience.
Rs. 7799 Rs. 12500
Simple is always beautiful. And Icon Sleek Modular is simply beautiful. Designed to support a variety of workspace environments.
Rs. 5499 Rs. 6500
A simple, stylish way to add work space to any area.
Rs. 6899 Rs. 8200
A simple, stylish way to add work space to any area.
Rs. 9399 Rs. 10500
Looking to refresh your office space or getting furniture for your brand new office? We have the solution for you…
Rs. 15499 Rs. 17500
This is multi purpose Computer Desk.
Rs. 6299 Rs. 7600
Maze Movable C-Shaped Laptop Table A simple, stylish way to add workspace to any area.
Rs. 8299 Rs. 10000
This Miracle desk a simple stylish way to add work space to any area, with two drawer.
Rs. 11899 Rs. 13900
The Nash large wide filing cabinet is stylish enough for anywhere in the office, tailor this bookcase to suit your storage needs. Two stylish glass doors help keep dust out.
Rs. 24699 Rs. 32700
The office star clean construction, The streamlined design renders this a perfect piece for any style space.
Rs. 13599 Rs. 16800
True to mid-century Scandi style, the Alera is simple yet shapely and its upholstered seating makes it a true multi-tasker – from comfy visitor chair to chic bedroom accent.
Rs. 4499 Rs. 5600
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