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You should have spent a lot of money in buying the best styles and models of furniture for your home or office. If you want to make the most of your investment, then you should properly service and maintain all the furniture pieces. At Chennai Chairs, we don’t just sell you the furniture and leave you. We also offer premium furniture cleaning, repair, and maintenance services.

Over years, as you use the furniture, dust and grime tend to deposit in the nooks and crannies of the furniture pieces. The dirt and grime will not only make your furniture look old and worn-out, but also slowly damage the structure. Moreover, all this deep dirt cannot be cleaned and removed using normal methods. So, you need to avail professional assistance. Our professional furniture cleaners will use safe cleaning materials to remove the deep-deposited dirt.

Apart from furniture cleaning, we also offer office chair services. If the chair lift mechanism is not working or the change the hydraulic gas lift of the office chair, we can take care of it. We also offer chair wheel and base replacement services. So, if you have old chairs that need new caster wheels or 5-star bases, you can buy the spare parts from us. We also have stock of all the other chair accessories that you may require for the office chair repairs. Chennai Chairs offers a one-stop-solution for all your office furniture purchase and maintenance requirements. You can take up our annual maintenance contract to save money on regular furniture service and maintenance.

Whether you are a small-sized company or an individual, you will definitely benefit from availing our office chair services and repairs.

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Replacement Hardware Kit for Bar Stool Gas Lift Cylinder
Rs. 1003 Rs. 1500
Premium Replacement bar tool Mechanism
Rs. 1000 Rs. 1400
Misc Office Chair Parts & Hardware Plastic Oval Shaped Chair Mechanism Handle
Rs. 300 Rs. 500
Metal Replacement Bar Stool Base
Rs. 1003 Rs. 1500
Plastic Replacement Office Chair Armrest
Rs. 500 Rs. 750
Heavy Duty Polished Steel Replacement Office Chair Base
Rs. 1050 Rs. 1400
Plastic Replacement Office Chair Armrest
Rs. 750 Rs. 1100
Plastic Replacement Office Chair Base - Slight Arch Profile
Rs. 950 Rs. 1200
Premium Replacement Chair Tilt Mechanism
Rs. 1200 Rs. 1600
Plastic Replacement Office Chair Stopper.
Rs. 400 Rs. 500
Replacement Hardware Kit for Office Chair Gas Lift Cylinder
Rs. 885 Rs. 1500
Premium Replacement Chair Synchronous mechanism
Rs. 2600 Rs. 3500
Plastic Replacement Office Chair Base
Rs. 950 Rs. 1000
Plastic Replacement Office Chair caster
Rs. 400 Rs. 500
Premium Replacement Chair / Stool / Bar Stool Mechanism
Rs. 400 Rs. 750