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Products tagged with 'low cost natural lamp shades'

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The NAKIA rattan cane lampshade combines natural charm with timeless elegance, emitting a warm glow to enhance any space.
Rs. 6499 Rs. 9500
Elevate your space with the TRAVIS rattan cane lampshade, blending natural charm with contemporary design.
Rs. 5199 Rs. 12500
Elevate your space with the rustic charm of Sally rattan cane lamp shades. Handcrafted for timeless elegance, they emit a warm glow, perfect for adding sophistication to any room.
Rs. 4599 Rs. 9000
A stunning blend of natural materials and modern design, this chandelier features a beautiful rattan cane construction. Bring warmth and elegance to your space with this eye-catching piece.
Rs. 31999 Rs. 42500
The Floating Towers wicker chandelier merges contemporary design with natural materials. Crafted with precision, it illuminates spaces with an organic charm, adding a touch of elegance and warmth to any room.
Rs. 21999 Rs. 36500