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The BRIXHAM HIGH BACK MESH OFFICE CHAIR combines ergonomic design with sleek style. Ideal for modern offices, it offers comfort and support for long hours of work.
Rs. 6899 Rs. 8000
The MONTANA LUXURY mesh back office chair combines ergonomic support with sophisticated design, ensuring comfort and style in your workspace.
Rs. 19499 Rs. 24500
The INOX ergonomic full mesh office chair combines comfort with sleek design. Ideal for long hours at your desk, it offers support and breathability.
Rs. 37500 Rs. 38000
The ALFRED Executive Office Chair offers premium comfort and sophisticated design for any professional workspace.
Rs. 7199 Rs. 9600
The FILO ergonomic executive office chair offers superior comfort and support. Designed for long hours, it enhances productivity and adds a sleek touch to any workspace.
Rs. 24499 Rs. 35000