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Venus Ergonomic Office Chair

The VENUS ergonomic office chair offers comfort and support for long work hours. Designed with precision, it promotes healthy posture while enhancing productivity.
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Highly durable nature enhanced by a sturdy and long-lasting seating experience. Supporting the natural curvature of the spine, helps attain a healthier lifestyle. Made from a material that enhances the strength and durability of the chairs to overcome brittleness. Perforated holes that are strategically placed to facilitate improved ventilation. Designed to remove back strains by supporting the natural curvature of the spine. Ergonomically designed to ensure optimal blood circulation through the body, for long hours of usage. A writing board of high-density fibre provides long lasting support making the study process comfortable.

Features :

  • Non-stackable chair made of MS ERW pipes with the thickness of 1.6mm and dia 22.23mm.
  • The backerst and seat are moulded with Nylon 6 grade with 15% GF(glass filled) material.
  • Retractable back rest with three type(0,12,20degree) inclination.
  • Height adjustable seats mounted over plastic refresh base (made from Nylon 66 material) with castor wheel.
  • Product delivered in flat packed / fully assembled condition
  • Warranty: One year against manufacturing defects

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