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The VERONA 3 seater airport sofa combines modern comfort with sleek design. Ideal for airports, it offers durability and style for waiting areas.
Rs. 13549 Rs. 15200
The VIENNA 4 SEATER AIRPORT SOFA provides stylish and comfortable seating for airport lounges. Its design combines durability with modern aesthetics. Available in Blue, Grey, Brown and Red colour.
Rs. 13499 Rs. 16200
The VIENNA 5 seater airport sofa combines comfort with modern design. Ideal for high-traffic areas, it offers durability and style for airport lounges and public spaces. Available in Blue, Grey, Brown and Red colour.
Rs. 18899 Rs. 22200
The IBIS AIRPORT sofa offers sleek, modern design and exceptional comfort for airport lounges and waiting areas.
Rs. 10199 Rs. 12199
The VETRA 3 seater airport sofa offers stylish comfort with a contemporary design. Ideal for waiting areas, it combines durability and modern aesthetics.
Rs. 8749 Rs. 9200
The VIENNA 4 SEATER SS AIRPORT sofa offers stylish comfort for waiting areas. Its sleek stainless steel design combines durability with contemporary elegance. Available in steel matte finish.
Rs. 16400 Rs. 18500